This page provides a variety of articles that might add certain ideas and impressions on TEFL issues. They might indubitably help TEFL tutors shape their minds on ways to teach and learn English. Reading recent articles will not only keep us up-to-date, but help sharpen professional profiles as well.

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Some Tips to Teach Vocabulary

There is no denying that learning vocabulary is considerably beneficial for ESL learners, mainly when it is regular.  It is therefore vital for ESL instructors to be aware of all the changes or rather strategies to anticipate students when planning for vocabulary lessons. These will not only help ESL students maintain conversations but develop their writing style as well.

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Free Educational Resources

A pile of educational resources is finally available on this online education platform for schools and EFL tutors. It offers free educational materials in the form of worksheets, texts and tutorials with practical ideas and inspiration for both teachers and schools. More

Working on your own PC from home.

How to Profit From a Blog

Blogging has recently become of a burgeoning interest to plenty of writers and researchers, and thus it becomes vital if not a must to know how to handle this oyster.Generally speaking, blogs can be for a couple of purposes. They can be for profit or non-profit, but the bulk of bloggers blog for the purpose of making money…

Online Tutoring: Going for it Alone

With the rise of online platforms to teach English, online tutoring has driven a burgeoning interest. Yet, going for it alone might be a tough task. Setting upon a teaching online experience as an EFL or ESL tutor is strikingly different from founding your own business. An independent English teacher has a great degree of autonomy unlike a salaried tutor in a teach-online company…

Games to Teach Different Skills

Games are for sure a lot fun and this is what impels plenty of EFL tutors to introduce this sort of activities to boost learning in class. Generally, both EFL tutors and learners have a tendency to depreciate their pedagogical value. Yet, many language professionals have recently claimed that games are more than mere time-filling activities..

Top 5 Apps to Scaffold ESL Teaching

For plenty of reasons, ESL teaching has recently turned to online platforms to cover the increasing needs and interests of the ESL industry. These platforms aren’t different from ordinary classes and face to face meetings for they similarly provide interactive and diverse tasks that help students sharpen their skills at their own pace.

Points to Mind When Writing your Abstract

A lot might think that abstracts are only formal pieces of writing that any academic paper should have, but in fact, they are the focal point, which can heighten interest and thus invite reading. Although it is one of the last elements to write, the abstract is the first element to be read or reviewed by peers.