We, in English Oyster, strive to provide our learners with true chances for developing both linguistic and cultural abilities. After many years of teaching, over 13 years of experience in teaching English, we do fully understand what our learners need. Our courses are varied, target oriented and particularly authentic. We have been working with professional native speakers, whose counsel does for sure make the difference.

Enjoy the Variety of our Courses!

This space is home to cultural content that is meant to enculture learners, shape minds and develop skills. English has recently become no longer connected to the culture of English speaking countries only but other parts of the world. Our goal is to help students and learners achieve concrete improvements in their ability to speak English if not prepare for an International Certificate or test.

Oyster Language Lab is a new way to learn English in the comfort of your home. This platform is really worth exploring in the sense it provides a number of features:

  • User-Friendly interface
  • Modern learning style
  • Wide theoretical materials including visuals
  • Chance to practice

A Glance at our Courses

Culture-based courses are prepared to reinforce the students’ critical thinking, mutual understanding and other broad objectives. They are designed to meet the increasing needs of our students, mainly exploring other cultures, through a variety of activities, which range from reading extracts of historical events to authentic trailers and documentaries.

English language courses are meant to strengthen the students linguistic skills through well-designed activities. These are usually prepared by professionals, who fully understand how English language works. Accordingly, these courses are also varied, authentic and mainly liable to changes according to the learners’ levels or grades.

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