Facts on Britain Page is hopefully for all of those looking for ways to enrich their cultural knowledge about Britain and its people. It offers a variety of topics which range from history to culture and from drama to literature, to celebrations and festivals. These topics, mainly historical facts, might be complex and sometimes hard to understand. Yet, our easy way to describe the story of Britain might impel learners to land on this page.


Medieval Ages in Britain refer to a long period that spanned between the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the Age of Renaissance and Discovery. It was a period of internal and foreign wars, violence and aggression as well as the making of the whole nation.  This often takes us from the catastrophe of the Norman Conquest to the devastating Black Death of 1348, the Hundred Years’ War with France and the War of the Roses, which finally ended in 1485.

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Facts on Britain

Feudal Rule in Medieval England

At a time when aggression, plunder and the violation of individuals’ rights were the norm, feudal rules were much needed to help make a living. It was hard to survive without …

Facts on Britain

Church in Medieval Times

Added to political protection and social stability, medieval communities were in need for spiritual comfort, which undoubtedly resided in churches, monasteries and bishops. These, as what many of us think, …


In a country where cultural and regional differences are the chief feature, you would be forgiven for getting confused. As a country universally known for its cultural diversity, learners may meet plenty of images about races, accents, eating habits, beliefs and stereotypes. A lot might think of famous dishes or what makes people drive on the wrong side of the road unlike all the countries of the world. Yet, the wonders of the UK are a lot. There is more in British culture to explore than just eating fish and chips or wearing bowler hats.


Facts on Britain

Celebrations in the UK

You might have heard of this idiom: like turkeys voting for Christmas. Yet, you have never thought of the connection between turkeys and Christmas. Actually, there is a lot to explore in the western world, as far as special events and occasions.

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Facts on Britain

The British Isles: A land of Diversity

Outsiders often associate images such as the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London with Britain or the UK. A lot may assume that the words “British” and “English” …

Monarchy in the UK

Facts on Britain

Monarchy in the UK

It is common to consider citizens who are living in kingdoms as subjects. Yet, this is not the case for the British. Monarchy in the UK is a different system of government that defends individuals’ rights and liberties. It still generates interest though its roots date back to the Anglo Saxon days.


According to David Dimbly, the age of conquest is really an era to celebrate, a time of ingenuity and originality. Invaders brought about the wonders of the island as they could transform the face of the island at intervals. They brought languages, systems and plenty of feats of engineering, which would in return determine who the British would be. Thus, our Facts on Britain Page will tell you the story of Britain under the control of foreigners and invaders.

Facts on Britain

Normanizing the Island

Explore the impact of the Normans on Britain and how their legacy is still visible today. From castles to culture, discover the lasting impression of William the Conqueror and his army on the small island nation.

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Facts on Britain

England Following the Norman Conquest

1066 is truly a memorable date in England’s history that marked the last entry of foreigners. It evokes a slow yet disastrous conquest that brought Norman dukes, lords and knights to England’s throne. Eventually, the Normans put the locals through a number of transformations …

The Vikings’ Age

The Vikings were a seafaring people from Scandinavia who expanded their holds through raids and settlements. Their territorial expansion was driven by a combination of factors, including economic, political and ….

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Anglo Saxon England up to 800 AD

For four centuries after their full-scale invasion, the Romans could massively transform the character of the island making of it a life-enhancing province. Yet, their presence in the island began to decrease for a couple of factors, which were particularly political.

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Celtic Britain: 500 BC to 55 BC

The British Isles, a harbour of history and culture, have been at the crossroads of many settlers and invaders, flowing from different directions, in and out of their homelands throughout the millennia. 

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Roman Britain: 43 – 410 AD

Long before 1066, Britain had been at the crossroads of both invaders and marauders, who by a significant paradox, brought about the wonders of this country.