In this tab, visitors, particularly learners of English, will explore a myriad of EFL resources and worksheets that might be useful for their linguistic or cultural skills. For EFL instructors, these resources might become their additional set to scaffold EFL learners’ needs and interests. Luckily, they are liable to changes and transformations according to different situations. Consequently, this page might serve as a pool to get made-for-you samples and plans for your classroom activities.

TEFL Resources

Resources for EFL and ESL Teachers

  • Learning Teaching
  • How to Teach English
  • How to Teach Pronunciation
  • CELTA Handouts
  • The Practice of English Language Teaching

TEFL Worksheets

Worksheets and Printables for Students

  • The British Isles: England is not the UK Text
  • The British Isles: A Land of Diversity
  • Celebrations in the UK Worksheet
  • The Age of Invasion: Roman Britain
  • The Age of Invasion: Anglo-Saxon Era
  • Monarchy in the UK Worksheet
  • The Vikings’ Age Worksheet
  • The Vikings’ Raids: A Timeline
  • Church and Religion: Medieval Times
  • The Features of Academic Writing
  • The Process of Writing

Exams & Tests

Exams & Tests Samples for Students

Useful Downloads

Culture and History in English

  • USA History in Brief
  • About the USA
  • Britain: A Brief History
  • Britain: The Country and Its People
  • A Short History of England